I feel so alive (sixetysixsix) wrote in wastrepublicans,
I feel so alive

Just thought id introduce myself

I saw an ad for this in the bush2004 community and I thought id join. Anyways I hope its okay if im not voting age. Ill introduce myself. I am nearly 16, I am going to be a Sophomore in high school, and I live in Seattle. My dad is a "libertarian who votes Republican" and my mom is an independent. I would say Im very un-sterotypical of a typical Republican. I have died hair. im an atheist. Mostly what attracts me to the Republican party is that it seems to be for the good of America, and they arent just looking out for themselves. What really pisses me off about the dem's is there non-stop whining about everything Bush does. I personally think Bush has done a great job, and although I disagree on some of his issues (gay marriage, abortion, gun control [im against gun control]), I think he is a strong president.

Four More Years!!
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